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If the ocean were vodka and I were a duck, I’d swim to the bottom and never come up! But since it ain’t vodka and I ain’t a duck, Just pass me the bottle and shut the fuck up!!!

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The Longest 45mins ever!!!

January 28, 2009

How much time does 45 mins take! A eternaty i’d say after last eve’s experience!! So i drink around 3 Liters of water a day at work….well it’s just cause i can take more loo brks which actually makes me happy cause the time in front of the comp is considerably reduced!!! Anyways comming to […]


January 25, 2009

Just two woards! it’s a perfecr anwer to a lot of questons!


January 22, 2009

on todays topic on the radio…it was about stealing from the shops!!  I am sure many would have done it! a lot would have been successful in it and a few got caught!!! here are some of thestuff i wisked from various shops… 4th to 8 or 9th Std, School canteen samosa’s!!! you know how […]