Bottles & Chimney
If the ocean were vodka and I were a duck, I’d swim to the bottom and never come up! But since it ain’t vodka and I ain’t a duck, Just pass me the bottle and shut the fuck up!!!

the Update!

i feel so frustrated these days!!! Dunno Y tho!!! FCK!!!! tho there were good times…mostly…. i jus wanna go and rip someone…swear until his/her ears bleeds!!!! hhhmmmmmm letz hope for a dumb MOFO whn i ride bak home!!!!


Also i deleted all the Rajani songs frm my mobile last nite!!! FCK itz dangarous listin to his songs!!!! sudden burst of energy and fck i ride lik a mad man!!!!DAMM!!!
 anyways on other news…..there are riots in Gujarat!!! for wot…yes some dumbasses drank fcked up booze!!! so the ppl BLAME the govt and burn stuff!!!  oh! not to mention wat a DUMB FCK govt is!!! jus cause gandhi was born there there should not be any booze!!!! WTF!!! of all the stuff he said u take this nd make the ppl suffer!!! ROFLLLLLLLLllllllll!!!! i lov to think of all the idiots livin there whn i sip my nice cold beer! :DDDD
    So the Delhi court says itz ok to do guy-guy or girl-girl wit consent!!! and i think WOW!!! man someone in india actually said itz OK!!! Cool!!! i know a lot of ppl who dont accept this and think gays are not natural!!! i mean WTF!!! all i say is um not gay so if u dont hit on me um ok!!! Thanks!!! Live and Let Live assholes!

  But seriously think abt havin sex wit two Bi ladies!!!

wwwwwwoooooooohhhhhhooooooooo!!! and i am sure that’s every mans Fantasy!!! Imagine!!! 4 titties in the place of 2, 2 pussy’s in the place of 1!!! COME ON i know You like THAT!!! Who dosent!!! the more the merrier! 😀


   anyways!!! on other news! My bro got married!!! um seriously happy for the guy u know!!!! but it feels wierd to actually stay @ home now!!! u know….all of a sudden there is this new person @ home a girl at home…and shez STAYING!!!

i mean..err…..i u know rite!!! and the only thing that keeps me smiling abt this is to think how she’ll feel suddenly in a new house wit 5 new ppl! 😛 :DDDDDD Come to think of it seriously i HAVE to get out of here!!!
oooo almost forgot….asusual watz a post without cursin the one above!! i mean seriously watelse can a guy DO!!! Wat the FCK man!!! i mean i lost 20KGS!! not that um lean now…yes i do accept um FAT even now!! but i lost 20KGS! and still the girl i liked is already MARRIED! FCK!!! anyways i’ll loose 10 more and see wot happens! Wat a MOFO man!


2 Responses to “the Update!”

  1. Lose 10more KGs she will have a kid 😛

  2. LOL @ Nkey !!!

    Prasad- I think you’re PMSing 😐

    And Congratulations to your biradhar! : )

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