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If the ocean were vodka and I were a duck, I’d swim to the bottom and never come up! But since it ain’t vodka and I ain’t a duck, Just pass me the bottle and shut the fuck up!!!

whats wrong and whats right!

I hate living in a democracy!!! WHo the fck ever said it is the best system!! It’s always what the majority wants!!! OOO the majority wanted this fck face to govern!! but wtf!! I dont!!! but Too bad…I have to live with it!

   From the time we are born till we are dead and dusted…(sometimes even after we are bloody dead) ppl always have their shit to give to you…ooo dont do tht…oo do this…this is really good…ur fckin up ur life….I say STOP tht SHIT rite NOW! DRAW the bloody LINE! openions are goo but not when they are thrust upon! No i dont want to know if diarymilk is better than 5 star…i’ll eat and find out for myself! No i dont want to know if taking up science is better than commerce…let me fckin decide wot i want to do….and for the LOV of GOD stop talking abt how I am doing in my life!!! It’s called MY LIFE…does tht ring a bell…means it bloody well IS NOT URS! DDUUUHHHHHHHHhh!!!

     I dont want to know if the ‘work’ I do is meaningful..might not be for u..hellooooo um tryin to get motivated here to get my sal at the end of the month!!!Who the bloody fck are you to decide wot I do is good or not!!! I mean you are tearmed as a meanie if u dont give out a buck to the begger in the signal….but it’s simple…I dont want to give it to him/her. Dont you get it????? I give money to education..and then they ask….do u even know if it goes to the rite ppl??? I mean y do u care ashole! It’s my fckin money…I’ll burn it if i wanted to! One good example tht always comes…you would have heard…ooo smoking is BAD..He smoke’s he is a BAD guy…it’s a BAD HABBIT u moron! ooo hez a rebel…dont go near him…ooo hez got himself a tatto..dont go near him…ooo he has pierceing…ooo hez living in with someone…oo hez not he dosent study well…oo hez always out…oo he dosent pray….FCK I HATE THIS SHIT!

        I really dont get it!!! Why should the society term me as a good or a bad guy? It’s me who has to decide about it…it’s for my Conscience to decide if um good or bad!!! Ppl tell me Killing others is bad…then Y the bloody hell do we have so many wars??? Y…couldnt u just beat the sense into hitler? Y bomb half of europe? Did the british think it was rite to just randomly kill indians whn they did???

   Not tht um defending serial killers/ rapeist and all the other dumb bastds here…but here I am trying to reason out a common man…i.e my take on the surrounding tht I live in! The world is a big place….if ur suffering it’s ur Karma or it’s ur fate!!! and every human or in tht sense every living thing in this world has/is/or will go thru suffering one day or the other!!!! I could suffer if i dont get cigg’s for a day…you could if u dont get food for a day…one other person could if he dint get sex everyday…the point is everyone has their own butts to takecare! so PLZ STFU!

                There are always a inner motives to what we do….Money…women/men…fame…We live in a materilistic world pal so get it! This is how we are…this is how we are wired in our senses so stop the bloody good and bad and oooo he’s a bad guy shit and get on with your life and let me figure out MINE!

  Fuk off! eerrr i mean AMEN!


5 Responses to “whats wrong and whats right!”

  1. how meaningful! what a philosophy! such posts moisten my eyes. sob sob.

  2. Hello new post please!

  3. by the way that was me, Arpita

  4. Please watch Toyama Koichi’s political broadcast on YouTube. It’d make your day.

  5. You are fat but I believe in caring for the plight of the common people, even if they are rotten Western imperialists.

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