Bottles & Chimney
If the ocean were vodka and I were a duck, I’d swim to the bottom and never come up! But since it ain’t vodka and I ain’t a duck, Just pass me the bottle and shut the fuck up!!!

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some stuff to take off boredom!

February 3, 2011

Well I am going to be 30 Soon…actually later this year….so found this old post on another blog as I have nothing much to do at work…WTH…I thought let me just mark!!!! 81 i think…pretty ok to my standards!!! Anything else that I should do before this year??? Anything more you wanna add to my […]

wot did i feel

August 23, 2010

So she asked ….me how I felt…….I said Yea I celebrated my Life….. so what do you think about sex! 😉

Shoud I?

December 17, 2009

Should I let myself be influenced by things happening happening around me? should I let myself be influenced by things that I hear…. SHould I let myself be influenced by things that I see….  Should I? WOuld I? Do I? Questions….Questions…Questions…makes my mind FUCKED!!!               know what I mean!!!          WHat IF is another fcked […]